Machine Washable

Fast Drying



One duvet,
dreamlike potential.

There’s something in the air, can you hear it? It’s calling you to see coziness differently.

Ditch your comforters and flat sheets, and discover a comfort you can carry, a soothing softness that surrounds you.

Night Lark is the all-in-one duvet that beds into life, without being bed bound. Soaring you to the heights of comfort - upstairs, downstairs, outside, or inside.

Your cocoon of comfort.

Squishable, snuggable, easily-washable.

Our shape retaining all-in-one duvets are stuffed with endless folds of cushioning comfort. That’s because our hypoallergenic Smartfil® fibers are glazed with a unique, silky soft siliconised coating that creates a deep, plunging softness that surrounds you like no other on the market.

About us

Night Lark is a part of a longer story, steeped in a rich-history of sleep innovation. For more than 100 years invention has been woven to the fabric of our family business.

We’re trailblazers of technology, pioneers of


Become a Night Lark nomad. With comfort you can carry.
Where do you make your bed nest?


Care Guides

March means one thing, well two, warmer days and longer nights but also Mothers Day!


When it comes to changing our duvet covers, it can be such a chore for something that


Waterproof bedding might conjure up images of crinkly, creased, uncomfortable sheets, but