Laundry day again?

Don’t worry, washing a Night Lark All-In-One Duvet couldn’t be easier. We've thoughtfully designed them to easily fit into standard domestic washing machines (4 cu ft).

We use innovative compressible fibers; allowing the All-In-One Duvet to squash into the drum with ease yet return to its original plump and fluffy state after the washing cycle.

We recommend using an energy friendly 105°F temperature setting and without excessive amounts of detergent.


Night Lark All-In-One Duvets are tumble dryer safe and we advise using a cooler setting where possible. They can be dry and back on the bed in as little as 90 minutes for our Linen collection, or 120 minutes for our Natural Cotton Waffle collection.

Alternatively, you can line-dry Night Lark. Either way, make sure it is thoroughly dry before reusing to avoid fibers clumping together.